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The Human Stories Behind the Medicines

Episode 1

Published on:

8th Sep 2019


David Fajgenbaum, MD, MBA, MSC, FCPP

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We are honored to have Dr. David Fajgenbaum as our first guest on Improbable Developments. His story is intense. Before he even earned is medical degree, he was faced by a rare life-threatening illness for which there was no treatment, let alone cure.

Tune in to hear how he took a novel approach to consolidating the scarce knowledge about his condition, Idiopathic Multi-Centric Castleman's Disease that helped him find a treatment that quite literally allowed him to be on our podcast.

His new goal is to replicate that approach for patients with other rare disorders.

We also get to hear about his book,  Chasing My Cure: A Doctor's Race to Turn Hope Into Action which comes out on September 10, 2019.


Published on:

1st Sep 2019


Welcome to Improbable Developments!

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In this, our first episode, Kevin lays out the objectives and plan for the Improbable Developments podcast. He also shares a personal story about a medicine he worked on earlier in his career.

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About the Podcast

Improbable Developments
The human stories behind the medicines
Every medicine in your pharmacy has a human story behind it. Real people doing real work and living real lives.

We all have romantic ideas about scientists working late into the evening or doctors dropping everything to answer a phone call about a patient. You can almost envision the moment when one of those researchers finally solves an intellectual puzzle and leaps into action. Their eyes go from an empty stare to an alert laser-like focus. They sit a bit taller and start to read frantically. I am sure you’ve seen those movies too.

But is it real? Is that how it really happens?

That’s what we intend to explore in “Improbable Developments.”

Each month we will talk to someone who was or is in the trenches of biopharma R&D and let them tell their story. We’ll be talking about medicines you may know and some that never saw the light of day. We’ll talk to people involved at the bench in the earliest stages through to those who run the clinical trials and present the data to regulators around the world. We'll even be talking to patients who have joined the effort.

The science of drug discovery and development creates a rich landscape for all sorts of stories to unfold. The technical challenges, the urgency to help patients, career aspirations, the fight for resources, and many other factors all work together to produce a complex and enthralling human drama. In our monthly discussions, we will look at this from many different angles.

Through our discussions, we hope to give you a real appreciation for the types of people behind the medicines you take and the medical devices you may use. You’ll get to know each of them a little bit and start to understand what they have in common and how different and unique they really are.

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